Welcome to Django-AWS-API-Gateway-Websockets’ documentation!#

Django-AWS-API-Gateway-Websockets was designed to allow rapid integration of Django Class-Base-Views as HTTP(S) backends for AWS API Gateway Websocket APIs without having to concern yourself with setting up and maintaining a WebSocket server.

If you are looking for fully-fledged WebSockets servers then take a look at Django-Channels.

If you want to introduce WebSockets to your project, you use or are happy to use Amazon Web Services, but do not have time or want/ learn how websockets work then this is the project for you. It will enable you to create normal HTTP endpoints that return JSONResponses objects rather than HttpResponse objects and leave the rest up to AWS Api Gateway, for the Websocket side, and this project to ensure the User is available within each request object.

If you are not familiar with Django’s Class-base Views then do follow that link and read up first of all. You will also find the reference site Classy Class-Based Views extremely useful.

This project subclasses Django’s generic View class and implements methods for each API Gateway route you define.

To get started see the installation section. Otherwise, take your pick:

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